Auara Mesa is Aether's birthplace and home. It has been on earth for many generations. Twolegs have avoided this place because of the vicious beasts that live there. Many rare gems like Dendritic Agates, Spinels and Lapis Lazuli can be dug up here. Many years ago, this area was filled with kind twolegs. Yes! Kind twolegs. These beings lived on top of some small hills. They respected the creatures around them. This area was in peace and harmony for decades until one terrible day.


Aether has lived in this place since she received the news that her mother had got beaten to death by twolegs. She has sworn to protect this place from any of them and has kicked the kind twolegs out. Many random invasions have been prevented thanks to her. It was all great until the human half of the world had run out of resources and plotted to take over the creatures half. Some twolegs refused to do this and ended up dead. Every beast fought its hardest and.. They won! But its not over yet.. Twolegs are still coming back with their rumble machines and weapons. When the twolegs are not about, big brutes and mega monsters come and start making species extinct, causing the natural balance to bend slightly. Most of them are rabid carnivores. After years of no change in the food chain, Auara Mesa became an inhabited desert area. 

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