Elise is a Shadow, the last of her kind. Her father was the shadow of a dragon, and her mother was a twoleg, making Elise a Half-Shadow.



Like most Shadows, Elise can shape-shift, hide in the shadows and is immortal, but due to her twoleg half, she cannot be hurt by light,(but she still can't go anywhere near a light source because or its' force shield.)and can easily materialize, but if she stays materialized for too long, she retreats to her unmaterialized and powerless form. She is skilled at fighting with her daggers. She also has a love for poisons and potions (although she cant make them).


17 years ago, Elise's father was killed along with all other Shadow by the light pixies, who allied with the twolegs. In the ancient times, twolegs had the Shadows as their slaves. The shadows had no free will, they were tortured and bound to the people's legs, but all shadows were freed. Elise's mother was also killed, because she joined the Shadows.

Elise lived alone in the Crystal Cave, plotting revenge on the light pixies.


Elise is sly and adventurous, stubborn, tomboyish, loyal and impulsive, often acting before thinking. She prefers actions than words, but around her friends she is more cheerful, friendly and funny. Elise will always help friends no matter the cost.


  • Music
  • Spicy food
  • Daggers
  • Fighting evil
  • Poisons
  • FNAF
  • Homestuck
  • Adventures


  • Light
  • Light pixies
  • Twolegs
  • Girly things
  • 1D


  • Pet Chinese Dragon - Kyan
  • Pet Robot
  • Pet Zombie
  • Pet pit viper
  • Pet cougar
  • Pet Tigress
  • Pet Boa Constrictor
  • Pet Dragon Hatching
  • Pet Zombie Dog
  • Pet Shape-Shifter


  • Sapphire (10 gems)
  • Obsidian (15 gems)

    My light Element Orb :3


    My fire element orb

  • Cobra Poison jar
  • Undead Orb
  • Light Element Orb
  • Rock magic book
  • Poison magic book
  • Dragon breath
  • A dagger
  • Fire Element Orb
  • Fire Sword
  • Onyx (15 gems)
  • Chica's Knife
  • Demon Knife
  • Sniper Riffle
  • Speed Potion

Money: 120 gems and 15 D