Frosty is a Hyena, a species of African dog. He lives in the Mountain of Ice near the Creation Shrine. Frosty is only enemies with one animal, the Lions. Lions killed his wife when they were just married. He was once invincible,giving up this power to save a family known as the Aether's.

Occupation Edit

Frosty's occupation is creating the lifeforms of the different regions. He even has created his enemies, the Lions.


Frosty Chupacabra (Made by Spirit-Crow)

Appearance Edit

Frosty is an ice colored Hyena. He has an icy-blue body with a violet mane, and spots. When he breathes out, the air that comes out freezes everything on contact.

Abilities Edit

  • He can create animals.
  • He has amazing ice powers.
  • He can teleport through puddles of water.
  • He can shape-shift.
  • He can create objects out of ice.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Fire.
  • Pollution.
    Leonard the Ghost Lizard

Pets! Edit


Red Panda


Pit Viper

Siamese Cat

Sea Serpent



Robot Baby

Zombie Kid




Music Interests Edit

Alt-J:Hunger of the Pine;Breezeblocks;Every Other Freckle;Taro;Lovely Day;Bloodflood pt.ll

The Living Tombstone:Five Nights at Freddy's

OneRepublic:Love Runs Out;Counting Stars;Ordinary Human;Feel Again

Foster the People:Psuedologia Fantastica;Ask Yourself;Don't Stop (Color on the Walls);A Begginer's Guide to Destroying the Moon;Best Friend;Miss You;Warrant;Nevermind;Are You What You Want to be?

The Lumineers:Flowers in Your Hair;Submarines;Ho Hey;Dead Sea;Stubborn Love;Flapper Girl

Of Monsters and Men:Dirty Paws;From Finner

Massive Attack:Teardrop;Paradise Circus

The Black Keys:Lonely Boy;Little Black Submarines;In Our Prime;Fever

Fitz and the Tantrums;Rich Girls;The Walker;Tell me What Your Here For;Dear Mr. President;Don't Gotta Work it Out

Meghan Trainor:All About That Bass

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Little Big Planet;Five Nights at Freddy's;Animal Jam;Pokemon;Kingdom Hearts;Minecraft;Castle Crashers;Tokyo Jungle;Resident Evil;Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale;Mortal Kombat;Spore;My Singing Monsters;Criminal Case;Walking Dead

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Series of Unfortunate Events;Dork Diaries;Zoo Books(Lolz,I read for the animals);Diary of a Wimpy Kid;Zombie Chasers;Beatrice Letters;Warm Bodies;Goosebumps

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Movies:Warm Bodies;Muppets;Shawn of the Dead;Land of the Dead;Sky;Harry Potter;Goonies;28 Days/Weeks Later;13 Sins;School of Rock;Secret Life of Walter Mitty;Hell Boy;Warriors Way;Night of the Museum;How to Train Your Dragon;Frozen;Brave;Nightmare Before Christmas;Lilo and Stitch;Wreck-it-Ralph;Van Helssing;Titanic;Creature From the Black Lagoon

TV Shows:Gravity Falls;Doctor Who;My Little Pony;Walking Dead;Black Butler;How I Met Your Mother;House M.D.;The Simpsons

Inventory Edit

I have 85G and 1D

I have a Venom Jar

I have a Book of Rock Magic

I have a Book of Water Magic

I have a Flock of Kamakaze Crows

I have an Undead Element Orb

I have have a Book of Poison Magic

I have an Air Element Bow and Arrow Set

I have Foxy's Sword

I have Michone's Kitana